The world has not faced a calamity like this virus in the last 100 years. More than a million people have lost their lives. The virus is spreading diseases like influenza, coronavirus, pneumonia, herpes zoster, cold, and cough, among others

The virus can enter our body through the nose, mouth, and eyes, infecting our cells by bonding itself with an electric charge and forcefully inserting its genetic material into cells. It then hijacks the cells to make extra copies of the virus. According to Dr. Evilevitch, a Professor at Carnegie University in the USA, the virus has a distinct charge. One way to thwart the virus might be a small electrical charge molecule to counteract it. This could be DNA/RNA inside a capsule or decreasing the strength of its release. Another possible way to dampen the virus ejection forces would be to find a molecule that could break the envelope of the virus. Achieving these properties in medicine is a sure way to thwart the virus and its insidious ability to keep mutating and making us sick.
Strangely, in Atharvaveda Nashna Saunaka Sakha, 2nd Kanda, 31st and 32nd Sukta, there is mention of Krimi Nashana Sukhtam to destroy viruses/bacteria in the air and water. According to the Veda, the virus affects the body by entering through the nostrils, eyes, and mouth, between the teeth. It mentions that viruses can be killed by electrical charge, fire, and by smelling herbs and consuming herbs, with the names of specific herbs provided.

Combining Dr. Evilevitch’s theory and ancient Indian wisdom as mentioned in Atharveda and Sushrut Sanhita, along with other Ayurvedic books, we have developed SAIRUB Heal, an Ayurvedic medicine blended with precious Ayurvedic ingredients designed to heal people from viral infections such as cold, cough, pneumonia, influenza, coronavirus, and other viral infections.


Sairub Heal

SAIRUB Heal is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs in sub atomic particles for healing people from viral infections like cold, cough, Pneumonia, influenza, coronavirus, and other viral infections.
As virus enters our body through nostrils mouth and eyes, we can apply SAIRUB Heal on nostrils, mouth and face and hands to counter it at entry point and to be inhaled with steam to tackle in upper / lower respiratory system. This Ayurvedic medicine for cold would help not infecting other parts of body and will stop spread of virus, also person to person and community transfer.