Cracked heels are one of the most common yet neglected issues. Many people overlook the fact that feet bear the entire body's weight and tend to ignore this problem due to a lack of knowledge and awareness about foot care. This negligence often leads to heel cracks. When the sensitive skin on the bottom of the feet and heels becomes excessively dry, it can split open, resulting in painful cracks known as fissures. These cracks not only cause discomfort while walking but can also lead to serious infections, especially for diabetic individuals.

Cracks in the heels are generally caused by insufficient moisture but can occur for other number of reasons like:

Cold Winter Weather

Dehydration or Not Drinking Enough Water

Not Moisturizing Your Feet

Walking Bare Foot On Uneven Surfaces

Using Harsh, Drying Soaps



The two biggest risk factors for cracked heels are diabetes and obesity. Diabetic individuals are prone to experiencing cracked heels due to nerve damage in the feet caused by uncontrolled blood sugars, leading to dry skin. They are also more likely to develop infections in their heels compared to non-diabetics. It is crucial to regularly examine your feet for signs of cracks or infection. In severe cases, cracked heels can become infected, resulting in cellulitis (swelling with redness and fluid collection). Neglected cases, especially in diabetic patients, can lead to neuropathy damage and diabetic foot ulcers.

In Ayurveda, crack heel, known as Padadari, is described in Kshudra Roga by Shushruta, Bhavprakash, Yogarnalaha, etc. It is characterised by yellowish skin on the heel, hard skin growth, and cracks in the feet associated with pain, bleeding, or itching.

Sushrut Samhita explains Padadari (crack heel) under Kshudra Roga, leading to dryness, cracks, and fissures. The advised treatment involves the application of padlepa (medicated ointments) containing Snehadravya (lubricants/moisturisers) to the affected area.

According to Sushrut Samhita, we have developed SAIRUB Crack Heel, which contains moisturisers and healing properties derived from a combination of herbs in ointment form to heal and prevent Padadari (crack heel).


Sairub Heal Diaba Care

SAIRUB Heal Diaba Care is right composition of effective and proven ingredients as prescribed in vedic literature of Ayurveda to treat diabetes mellitus. This is the best Ayurvedic medicine for blood sugar control as it is completely made from natural ingredients. There are no side effects like in allopathic medicine. The sub atomic particles extracted from herbs stimulates our body organs by strengthening their capacity and maintaining blood sugar level naturally.

Sairub Diaba Foot Care

SAIRUB Diaba Foot Care is the best Diabetic foot care cream, which contains moisturizing and healing properties in combination of herbs in ointment form to heal and prevent Crack Heels.
The sub atomic particles extracted from effective and proved herbs prevents damage to nerves, increases blood circulation and helps to treat crack heels as it has anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties making it best diabetic foot cream for cracked heels and protects from Diabetic wounds / ulcers.